October 1st through October 10th

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Take advantage of our limited time fall savings on great services for your home!

SAVE $50* on Pest Prevention

Fall may bring cooler weather, but pests aren’t going anywhere! They are constantly seeking food and shelter and your home offers them the perfect environment. That’s why you need Massey Services. Our Pest Prevention program focuses on areas outside where pests live and breed. We target and eliminate unseen entry points pests use to get inside. Best of all, we eliminate indiscriminate spraying of pesticides inside your home.

SAVE $100* on Termite Protection

Where we live, termites are active year-round, no matter the season! They can get into any type of home – brick, block, stucco or even homes built on a concrete slab! What’s worse, termites can damage your home without you even knowing it. Our comprehensive termite protection program protects your home from all types of termites and wood destroying insects. Plus, our guarantee includes retreatment and repair and covers the structure and contents of your home. 

SAVE $75* on Landscape Services

Cooler weather is around the corner, which means the growth of your lawn will slow and weeds will flourish! But right now, extreme heat may still be damaging your lawn, trees and shrubs. That’s why we are applying treatments that combat hot-weather lawn issues and scheduling pre-emergent weed control.

SAVE $75* on Irrigation Maintenance

Ensuring your irrigation system is working properly and providing the right amount of water, at the right time and in the right place, is critical for water conservation. In addition to adjusting your system for each season and the specific grass variety of your lawn, we correct hard-to-detect issues and keep your sprinklers operating at their best.  Plus, our irrigation maintenance program is designed to help reduce your outdoor water waste by up to 30%**. 

SAVE $50* on Mosquito Services

Even though cooler weather is around the corner, mosquitoes are still active right now! Massey’s Mosquito Services combines a variety of devices and treatment options to reduce the populations around your home. Our customized program targets mosquitoes where they live and breed, creating a barrier of protection around your property. Don’t spend the beginning of fall swatting at these pesky bugs.

SAVE $50* on Rodent Services

Cooler weather drives rodents indoors…keep them out with Massey’s rodent exclusion services. We identify the conducive conditions of rodent activity, and focus our treatments on the outside of your home to prevent infestations in your home.

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If you are not satisfied with the results of your program, we’ll provide corrective service at no additional charge. After 30 days, should the problem persist, we’ll continue to provide service at no additional charge until you are satisfied, or we’ll refund your last regular service payment.” –Harvey L. Massey, Chairman Massey Services

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* Offer valid with the purchase of new service agreement(s). Inspection must be scheduled by 10/10/21. Discount will be applied to initial service for each service purchased and may not exceed the value of initial service(s). May not be combined with any other offer. Cannot be applied to current service charge(s) or termite service renewal(s). Offer valid from 10/1/21-10/31/21. Some services may not be available in your area.

**Reduction of water waste refers to operating efficiency and not the actual amount of water used for irrigation. Irrigation License SCC131151531.

Customer Reviews

Lawrenceville, GA

Pest Control

“Long-term customer and very satisfied. Our technician is punctual, professional and consistently goes above and beyond to deliver excellent customer service.” -Mark R.

Sugarland, TX

Pest Control

“Our technicians are beyond exceptional! I’m glad to have met and work with them. I’m very pleased with their friendliness, extreme knowledge of their profession, customer service and Massey Services altogether. This is a good company to do business with.” -Brenda M.

Plano, TX

Pest Control

“Our technician is amazing. He’s always professional, courteous and kind. Listens to my needs and takes care of us.” -Mike E.
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