The hot, humid, rainy August weather is here – and so are Pests!

Ants, roaches, rodents and more are seeking shelter from the heat and rain – and your home offers the perfect shelter for them.  Fortunately, Massey’s Pest Prevention will eliminate the conditions, avenues and sources around your home that pests use to get inside and prevent them from coming back.

Plus, right now we’re offering special summer savings – $50 Off Annual Pest Prevention Services.

How Our Proven Pest Prevention Works:

  • First, we eliminate any pest problems you have inside.
  • Next, we identify the actual source of the problem and eliminate pests in their nests as well as correct areas where pests may be gaining access into your home by:
    • Caulking and sealing cracks and crevices
    • Repairing tears in window screens
    • Pruning back vegetation that touches the home
    • Sealing around pipe and wall penetrations
  • Finally, during our regular scheduled services, we inspect the perimeter of your home and property to provide targeted treatments where pests live and breed

$50 Off Annual Pest Service*

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* Offer valid with the purchase of a new, annual service.  Annual Pest Service includes an initial service and quarterly treatments.  Not valid with any other offer.   Discount cannot be applied toward current services.  Offer expires  8/31/19 at 5pm E.S.T.