Massey Keeps Pests Out of Your Home!

During the hot and rainy summer months, pests (such as ants and roaches) will seek shelter and your home offers the perfect environment.  That’s why you need Massey Services!  Our environmentally responsible Pest Prevention Program targets the conditions, avenues and sources of pest activity on the outside of your home such as standing water, breaks in caulking around windows, and clogged drains to prevent them from coming inside. 

Our Pest Prevention Program focuses on areas outside where pests live and breed.  We identify and eliminate unseen entry points pests use to get inside.  And, since our program focuses on the outside of your home, we don’t have to come inside!

Our Pest Prevention Program includes:

  • A thorough, initial pest inspection of your home, with special focus on the outside
  • Elimination of any existing pest problems
  • Identify any existing issues and build a customized program for your home that eliminates the issues
  • Inspecting and sealing off any new entry points on every visit
  • Applying targeted Pest Control treatments to the outside of your home

Ants, flies, spiders, roaches, wasps and even rodents are very active throughout the summer so CALL MASSEY SERVICES today to prevent bugs from coming into your home.

“It was my first time using Massey Services and my technician was great! He did a fantastic job explaining the services they offer. He was very professional, friendly and addressed all the concerns I had. I will definitely continue using their services because of the great protection they have against pests and rodents AND for their great representative!” -Y. Wesley

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Guaranteed Total Customer Satisfaction

With more than 35 years of superior service, Massey Services is committed to the promise of total customer satisfaction. That includes quick response time, environmentally responsible programs, detailed and customized service, trained experts and guaranteed satisfaction. If you’re not 100% satisfied with any of our services, we’ll keep coming back until you are. That’s why you can expect more…and get it.

* Offer valid with the purchase of a new, annual service.  Annual Pest Prevention service includes an initial service and quarterly treatments.  Not valid with any other offer.   Discount cannot be applied toward current service.  Offer expires  8/31/20.

Customer Reviews

Orlando, FL

Pest Control

“I’ve used Massey for over 30 years and am completely satisfied with their service. There have been a couple times where I’ve had relentless pests in my home and Massey kept coming back until the problem was resolved…and at no extra charge.” -J. Maki

Melbourne, FL

Pest Control

“Best pest control company I’ve ever had! They FIX the problem…GUARANTEED!” -A. Kapornyai

Cumming, GA

Pest Control

“I love Massey. They have very friendly team members and pests were gone quickly from my home.” -D. Frazzano

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