Is Your Irrigation System Working Properly?

Proper irrigation is critical to the health of your lawn and landscape. Under-watering can impact the roots of your grass and shrubs, leading to an increase in chinch bug activity. Over-watering encourages fungus and disease such as brown patch and root rot, as well as uncontrollable weeds such as crabgrass and sedge.
More importantly, proper irrigation helps our environment through water conservation and can help save you money. irrigation maintenanceMisdirected sprinklers can waste our precious water supply and add unnecessary cost to your water bill.

Here are few signs your irrigation system may not be functioning properly:

  • A dull, bluish-gray coloring to your grass
  • Foot tracks that appear embedded in the grass
  • Leaf blades that are wilted and folded in half
  • Dry, crumbly soil around the roots of your grass
  • Brown areas within the lawn

Massey’s Irrigation Maintenance Program, along with our Free Water Management Audittakes the guesswork out of maintaining your irrigation system. We make all the necessary adjustments, changes, and enhancements to ensure your landscape receives the right amount of water at the right time.  In fact, our Irrigation Maintenance program can save you a minimum of 30% in water usage.