Irrigation Can be Tricky in the Summer

With Memorial Day this weekend, we all know summer is essentially here! And in the Southeast that can mean hot, humid weather and rain, which makes irrigating your landscape very tricky!
Typically the summer months bring unpredictable periods of dry and wet conditions. So watering with the right amount of water can be tricky. Here are some tips475343297cropped to help:

  • Be sure to have a rain sensor installed and that it’s working properly
  • Check your coverage to ensure all your sprinklers are covering each zone evenly with 3/4 to 1″ of water
  • Check your landscape frequently for browning, dry areas and hand water if necessary
  • Look out for areas that are saturated and overwatered, and reduce your watering time in those zones

Water conservation is critical to ensure we protect one of our most precious resources. That’s why a properly functioning irrigation system is so crucial. Over time, landscapes change (as does the weather!) and may require different watering practices.  We’ll provide a free, written irrigation inspection along with a recommended Irrigation Maintenance Program that can take the guesswork out of maintaining your irrigation system!