Homeowner Tips to Fight Fleas

As the weather begins to heat up, pests that we usually encounter outside may soon be attempting to make their way indoors. Massey Services reminds homeowners that fleas are common outdoor pests that can make your home their own by traveling on our pets.
Here are a few tips to rid your home of fleas as a result of pets or a close encounter with a friend or neighbor’scat and dog dog or cat that has an infestation:

  • Remove and wash pet bedding in hot soapy water or replace
  • Thoroughly vacuum all rugs, carpeted areas, baseboard areas and closet floors.  Also vacuum under beds, furniture and between & under furniture cushions.  Special attention should be given to pet resting and sleeping areas.  Vacuuming removes flea eggs, feces (food for the larvae) and some adult fleas/ticks.
  • Vacuum and then mop all vinyl, wood and concrete floors.  Special attention should be given to cracks along the edge of walls.
  • Be sure to discard the vacuum bag or empty the canister into a plastic bag that can be tightly closed and place in a trash receptacle outside of the home.

It’s important to keep fleas out of your home, not only because their bites cause severe itching, but they can cause diseases in humans and animals. Fleas can transmit cat-scratch fever, typhus and plague. If you suspect you have a flea infestation in your home or want to protect yourself from potential attacks, call a professional service for proper control methods. The experts at Massey Services can conduct a thorough inspection at no charge and provide you with a detailed report of their findings. They will also recommend a customized program that’s right for your home.