Happy Earth Day!

As we celebrate Earth Day today, some may ask the question – Can a pest, termite and landscape services company really be Green???

The fact is, Massey Services has been dedicated to providing environmentally responsible services for over 20 years – long before it became politically andenviromental-benefits socially in vogue. For example…

  • We eliminated the indiscriminate spraying of pesticides in your home by creating Pest PREVENTION, an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional pest control.
  • We pioneered termite pre-construction and post-construction treatment programs that save up to 400 gallons of water per treatment.
  • Our landscape services include soil aeration (soil perforation) – one of the most environmentally beneficial practices for a green, healthy landscape. Soil aeration increases oxygen in the soil which enhances deep root growth, maximizes water absorption and reduces fertilizer run off.

Massey Services has been recognized by the U.S Enviromental Protection Agency and Orange County as an environmental steward and has been an industry environmental leader for decades.

Green isn’t such a new idea.
At Massey Services, its part of our past… and our future.