Ants Are Here…and They’re Attempting to Get Inside Your Home

Fluctuating temperatures and rainy weather have led to a hotbed of ant activity across Florida, and not just in yards, but also in homes.

Bob Belmont, Board Certified Entomologist, and the Pest Prevention Pest home page pictureTechnical & Training Director for Massey Services, notes that ants are year-round pests across the Southeastern states and ant activity can be relentless, even throughout the winter months.

We may easily spot a trail of ants indoors because ants such as the Ghost ant, which typically nest outside in plant materials near a building’s foundation, can form colonies in the thousands in wall voids, behind cabinetry and in dark voids.
White-footed ant colonies may also reside in walls and under attic insulation, though they are most commonly found in decaying plant materials or within palm fronds, leaf litter and hollow plant stems.
Argentine ants and Caribbean Crazy ants can also move indoors in search of food and water, especially if disturbed by heavy rainfall.
Massey Services can help prevent these ants from taking up permanent residence. Contact us for a free pest inspection today and learn more about our Pest Prevention.