NPMA Reveals Most Concerning Pests Among Americans

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) conducted a survey in the month of August, asking Americans what pests were most concerning to them this summer.  The most common answers were mosquitoes, stinging insects and ticks.  The reason? The majority are worried about contracting a disease from a pest, which is not a surprise considering how much we’ve heard about West Nile Virus in the news the last few years.mosquito-abatement

Below are a few highlights from the NPMA survey:

Among Americans…

  • 62 percent are concerned about mosquitoes
  • 38 percent are concerned about stinging insects (e.g., hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, bees)
  • 30 percent are concerned about ticks
  • 26 percent are concerned about spiders
  • 11 percent are concerned about bed bugs
  • 14 percent are concerned about other pests
  • Women are slightly more concerned about any pests during the summer than men (87 percent vs. 82 percent, respectively)
  • 90 percent who have children in the home are more concerned about any pests during the summer than those who do not have children (82 percent)

Among those that are concerned about any pests during the summer…

  • 54 percent are concerned about contracting a disease from the pests (e.g., West Nile virus or Lyme disease)
  • 43 percent are concerned about the pain associated with a bite or sting
  • 35 percent are concerned about pest infestation in their home
  • 11 percent say they have a severe allergy to certain pests
  • 5 percent have contracted a disease from a pest in the past

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