Cockroaches from Around the World

Cockroaches are one of the most hated pests in the world – they’re big, some can fly and where you see one, there’s typically more hiding near that area.  Not only that, cockroaches have the ability to spread disease wherever they go.

But did you know there are many cockroaches with worldly names? There’s the American, German, Asian and the Australian cockroach!  So what are the differences between these pests?

  • American Cockroach:  This roach is the largest of the roaches infesting homes and are commonly referred to11american_enl as “Palmetto Bugs.”  It has reddish brown wings and is a good flyer.  They typically invade sewer systems and heavily mulched areas.  The female attaches the egg capsule, containing 15-18 eggs, in high areas in garages, closets, utility rooms and fireplaces.
  • German Cockroach:  This roach has two dark stripes running from front to back and is found throughout the world.  It is commonly found in restaurants,09german_enl kitchens and stores where food, moisture and harborage are abundant.  Populations build rapidly from egg capsules being produced about every 20-25 days.  Each capsule contains 35 eggs, with the young maturing in about 100 days.
  • Asian Cockroach:  This roach is nearly identical in appearance to the German roach.  Adults are light brown to tan in color and possess two dark stripes on the top rear portion of the head.  They are strong flyers and prefer to live outdoors.  They are attracted to lights, particularly at dusk.
  • Australian Cockroach:  This12australian_enl is a large, reddish-brown to dark brown roach with yellow bars on the front edge of its forewing.  They are good flyers, entering homes through windows, doors, soffits and gables, especially where moisture problems exist.  They breed and live in moist, decaying vegetation outdoors.

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