Why You Need An Annual Termite Inspection

Every home is at risk for termites – brick, block, stucco, even homes built on a concrete slab.  This is why having termite protection for your home is so important!  In addition to having the protection, it is also very important to have a termite re-inspection every year.  Termites can be “silent invaders” and can gain access into your home without you ever knowing it.  Having termite protection is essential, but environmental conditions can cause cracks in slabs and foundations that allow termites to get inside.  Additionally, changes to the exterior of your home may provide areas that are more conducive for termites.Total Coverage Termite Protection

As part of the termite re-inspection, a certified inspector will perform a complete inspection of your home – inside, outside, over and under – to ensure no new threats have developed.
This re-inspection provides a homeowner with peace of mind knowing their home is protected from termites, especially when homeowner’s insurance typically does not cover termite damage.

Plus, when you purchase termite protection from Massey Services, your home is protected by a guarantee that includes retreatment & repair and covers the structure & contents of your home.  For a free termite inspection, contact Massey Services today.