Termite Swarm Season is Here

Every year beginning in February and stretching through May, subterranean termite swarm season occurs. This is typically the only time of year where you actually see this type of termite since the rest of the year they remain underground in search of food.
Swarm season occurs as the weather begins to warm back up and we start to enter our rainy season. This drives the termites to leave their colonies and go on mating flights. Here are a few things to look for if you suspect you may have termites:

* Discarded Wings. Often present after a swarm, they are typically found in small piles near window ledges and other light sources.

* Mud Tubes and/or Tunnels. Because they prefer dark, moist conditions, foraging termites construct mud tubes as protective runways from the earth to the wood inside a home. Look for mud tubes along the foundation of your home, around doors and windows and on wood posts.

* Small Holes in Wood or Drywall or Blistered Paint. When termites swarm within your home, they often create small exit holes. Because termites eat wood products from the inside out, they usually hollow the wood along the grain. This can cause ripples in the exterior of the wood itself, or cause the paint to blister.

* Structural Damage. This could include soft spots in walls, sagging floors, loose trim and cracked plaster. Also, check for “hollow” sounding wall studs.

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