Meet the Team – Ed Blumenthal!

In a series of “Meet the Team” blog postings, we’ll introduce you to the professional and technical team behind the blogs here at Massey Services.

Ed Blumenthal – Termite Expert

Ed Blumenthal is our Termite Training and Technical Director at Massey Services. Ed’s main responsibility has him on the road almost every week, where he travels to our service centers to provide quality assurance in a technical capacity and review protocols with team members.

In addition to his quality assurance role, one of Ed’s best attributes is his ability to teach. Ed is responsible for developing our termite technical and training manual and then teaching the class to all of our new team members. As you can imagine, teaching about tiny little insects that you can barely see might be a bit challenging to keep your audience captivated. Fortunately with Ed’s great teaching skills we commonly hear our team members say his training is presented in an interactive hands on approach that holds their attention for four days straight!

Ed grew up in Plainview, NY but moved to Orlando, FL in 1972. He joined Massey Services in 1998 and was instrumental in developing new termite protocols that have drastically changed the industry.

Last year Ed was an honored recipient of the Pest Control Technology (PCT) Magazine and Syngenta Professional Products Crown Leadership Award. He had an entire article published about him in PCT Magazine and was recognized at the National Pest Management Association’s annual convention.

With all of Ed’s traveling and training, we don’t get to see him very much but we always know he’s just a phone call away when we have a termite question. So there you have it – Massey’s own termite expert!