Formosan Termites in Coastal Areas and Baton Rouge

The Formosan Termite is clearly the most destructive of all the termite species worldwide. It arrived in America from Taiwan during World War II when our warships returned to Louisiana, Texas and South Carolina. In 1995 it was discovered in a shipyard in Texas and soon after in Louisiana, where it is now particularly prevalent.

We call the Formosan the Super Termite for these reasons:

  • Their colonies include millions of individuals
  • The territory of a single colony can spread out to 300 feet in diameter
  • They infest a wide viariety of structures (including, but not limited to: boats, living trees, potted plants and high-rise buildings)
  • They devour wood at a rapid rate
  • They turn wood into a goo called “carton”

Formosans cause millions of dollars in damage to homes each year and continue to spread to new areas in the United States.

No two homes or two termite problems are exactly alike. That’s why we inspect your home – inside, outside, over and under. Only then can we create the right program for you. Your home is unique and our detailed inspection is free! Contact us for a Free Termite Inspection of your home and to find out about our termite protection programs.