Are Termites Leaving You Clues of Their Infestation?

For most people, termite swarms are the obvious signs of infestation. However, because of drought conditions, termites haven’t swarmed as much in recent years. This doesn’t mean they’re not getting into your home – it just means you have to look a little harder for signs that they’represent.

Here is a quick list of small, but important signs of termites:

Termite wings.These are often found after a swarm and are typically found in small piles near windows or other light sources

Shelter tubes.Made of particles of soil, wood and debris, these allow subterranean termites to move out of the ground to outside entryways.

Bathroom signs. Many infestations found in a home are found in bathrooms. Signs include loose tiles,soil particles, exit holes [small pinholes] and cracked grout.

Small holes in wood or drywall or blistered paint. When termites damage wood within your home,they often create holes in the drywall. Because termites eat wood from the inside out, they usually hollow the wood along the grain. This can cause ripples in the exterior of the wood itself, or cause the paint to blister.

Damaged wood.This can include wood that sounds “hollow” when it is tapped with the handle of a screwdriver, wood that is soft when probed with a sharp object or a thin gritty gray-brown film on the surface of damaged wood.

Of course, the key is to not wait for any signs. You should have a termite inspection by a termite professional at least once a year. ContactMassey Services for your free, thorough termite inspection today.