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There’s no such thing as a termite-proof home

It doesn’t matter if your home is made of brick, block or stucco. Or even if it’s built on a concrete slab. The truth is, termites can get in to any home through tiny cracks and crevices less than 1/16 inches wide.  To make matters worse, your home may be sitting on up to six subterranean termite colonies in a single acre plot, with each colony housing up to millions of termites.  And once they’re in your house?  Termites eat non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The problem is, termites are rarely seen until the damage is already done.

The time to take care of a termite situation is before you even know you have it.

Massey Services offers Termite Protection that includes retreatment when necessary, PLUS repair to the structure AND contents of your home for new damage caused by termites or any other wood-destroying insect.

If a termite problem emerges, we keep coming back until it’s completely solved… at no cost to you

What’s the difference between subterranean and drywood termites?

Unlike subterranean termites or the more aggressive and destructive Formosan subterranean termite that live in the ground, drywood termite colonies live in the wood they eat. In both cases, termites are almost never seen until their damage has already been done.