Give Your Lawn And Landscape The Right Attention

Proper mowing and watering dramatically impact the health of your lawn.

right attention

Give your lawn and landscape the right attention with the following tips:
  • Mow frequently. Don’t remove more than 1/3rd  of the leaf blade height in any single mowing. Mow at least once per week during the growing season.
  • Mow high. During the heat of the summer, you should mow your lawn at the highest recommended cutting height to help grass retain water.
  • Water deeply and infrequently.  Our Florida sands dry out quickly so set your sprinkler system to run twice per week to deliver ¾ inch of water per zone.  Clay soils may not need to be watered as frequently. Check your local extension service for recommendations or contact us for a free inspection.
right attention              Signs of a Dry Lawn:
  • A dull bluish-gray coloring to your grass
  • Foot tracks that seem to remain in the grass
  • Leaf blades that are folded in half or wilted.

The key to a healthy landscape during dry periods is a balance of proper irrigation and proper maintenance. Either too little or too much irrigation can lead to an increase in weed, pest and diseases. For help keeping your landscape healthy and green all year long, contact Massey Services GreenUP for a free, detailed inspection.

Is Your Landscape Drowning?

Despite drought conditions, one of the more common problems homeowners have is drowning their landscape by over-watering.


Usually, causes are related to improper irrigation, such as incorrect or broken heads, clogged lines and improperly timed zones. Over-watering causes a multitude of problems, from encouraging the growth of certain weeds, like dollarweed, to the development of fungal problems to the run-off of valuable top soil.

Over-watering also contributes to the mounting water shortage. There are several state, county and city government agencies that have placed strict regulations on watering. Please be sure to check with your local water management district to determine if there are any restrictions in your area or you could be facing fines and add to the increasing shortage.

Five Signs You Need Sprinkler Repair Services

Don’t underestimate the importance of proper irrigation for your landscape. If you notice any of the following signs in your lawn, you need Massey’s Irrigation Maintenance and Sprinkler Repair service before it’s too late:

  1. A dull, bluish-gray coloring to your grass
  2. Foot tracks that appear to be embedded in the grass
  3. Leaf blades that are wilted and folded in half
  4. Dry, crumbly soil around the roots of your grass
  5. Brown areas within the lawn

Having your sprinkler system optimized and regularly maintained will ensure that your landscape gets the right amount of water it needs and that we’re all doing the best we can to conserve our water. Contact Massey GreenUP for your free irrigation inspection. We can fix any problems, plus provide regular expert maintenance.

What are those brown circles in my lawn?

diseases_03brownpatch_enlNovember is a great time of year for lawns. You don’t have to mow them as often, and turf and shrubbery thrive without the stress of the summer heat.

Unfortunately, it is also a good time for brown patch fungus and broadleaf weeds to appear.

Brown patch fungus appears as brown circles or patches of damaged turf with yellow, orange or purple grass blades on the outside border of the patch. Sometimes regrowth in the center of the patch may give it a doughnut-like appearance.

The key to preventing brown patch fungus is to avoid over watering your lawn. Once a week watering should be sufficient, and in areas that retain moisture, you may need to water even less. Proper watering will also help in preventing winter annual weeds.

On the positive side, November is also a good time to establish new trees, shrubs and turf.

If you need professional services to control brown patch fungus or to evaluate your irrigation system, contact Massey Services for a free inspection.