Earwigs – The Myth Isn’t True!

Contrary to the old superstition that Earwigs enter people’s ears while sleeping, they are completely harmless to humans and beneficial to nature because they feed on other pest insects. Earwigs are small, dark brown, short-winged insects easily identified by the set of small pincher-like extensions at the end of their bodies.

Earwigs are commonly noticed in and around homes around periods of drought. They require a high level of moisture to survive and during drought periods will seek moisture inside the home to live. Their normal habitat is around mulched areas/plant beds, under debris piles or steppingstones, in and under potted plants and in cracks and crevices.

Here are a few tips to ensure Earwigs and other pests aren’tentering your home:

  • Identify and seal points of entry, even areas just small enough for a credit card to pass are big enough for earwigs to enter
  • Inspect weather stripping for gaps
  • Thin back mulch beds, to reduce high levels of moisture
  • Ensure mulch is pulled back six inches from the foundation walls
  • During periods of heavy rain – adjust your irrigation system so that excess moisture isn’t accumulating

If you see Earwigs or other pests in your home, contact Massey Services for a Free Inspection.