Are Ants Taking Over Your Home?

While the majority of other states are in a deep freeze already at this time of year, in Florida we have been enjoying summer-like weather the last few weeks. So if you’re someone who enjoys watching the seasons change up north but once the cold weather hits you want to get out of town, we don’t blame you.

Unfortunately, as many flock to Florida, other unwelcome guests may also start appearing. These “guests” are ants, and test-imagethey are extremely annoying to have in your home.

Houses in southwest Florida tend to see an influx of ghost ants and white-footed ants at this time of year. Both of these pests come indoors in search of food and water, which are plentiful when residents return to their winter homes. Ghost ant colonies can run into the thousands, and while they nest mainly outside in plant materials near a building’s foundation, they can form colonies indoors in wall voids, behind cabinetry and in any dark places. White-footed ants nest in decaying plant materials, such as palms, leaf litter and hollow plant stems, but they may also set up colonies in wall voids and under attic insulation.

Fortunately, Massey Services can help prevent these ants from taking up permanent residence. Our trained inspectors and technicians will provide a plan of attack to correct any ant infestation and prevent any future one. The plan will also include recommendations to reduce the ants’ access to water, suggestions for landscaping modifications and other measures to stop the ants from entering the home. Plus, our pest prevention program is focused on the outside of your home so even if you’re not here during the hot summer, we’ll continue to inspect around the outside of your home to ensure ants and other pests are not getting inside. Contact us today for a free inspection!