Tips for Preventing Pests in Your Home

The first day of summer is here and as the warm weather sets in, so have pests. Most common household pests live and breed outside your home but in order to survive, they need food, water and shelter, which is exactly what your home offers.  There are a variety of household tips you can follow to prevent pests from getting inside but a pest infestation in your home typically begins through 1 of 3 ways (or a combination of the three):

Conditions.  These are areas outside your home where pests can live and breed.  They include:

    • Unsanitary areas around garbage cans
    • Standing water
    • Wood stored near your home’s foundation

Avenues.  These are ready-made pathways pests use to get inside your home and include:

    • Unsealed cracks and crevices in walls and the foundation
    • Limbs of trees and shrubs touching the roof
    • Breaks in caulking or weather stripping around windows and doors

Sources.  These are areas that provide a food supply for pests, such as:

    • Mulch beds
    • Accumulated leaves
    • Clogged drain gutters