Prevent Pests From Becoming Dining Guests in Your Restaurant

Want to limit your RSVPs from unwanted guests like roaches, ants or rodents? Follow these tips to limit the ways pests can infiltrate your establishment.

  • Cleaning is an ongoing process. Use the “clean as you go” strategy for counter tops, food prep surfaces and utensils. At least once a day thoroughly clean under and behind all kitchen equipment to remove
    Stop Pests from entering your restaurant

    Stop Pests from entering your restaurant

    accumulations of food and other debris.

  • Remove broken or unused equipment to avoid rodents or bugs from nesting in it.
  • Virtually all kitchen equipment is built with 4 inch legs or wheels which elevate the item off the floor. If damaged these should be repaired and not removed. Removing them will inhibit cleaning.  
  • Try to remove any standing water inside your facility. The moisture contributes to decay which ultimately results in small fly issues.

These and other important techniques are an important part of any effective pest prevention program.

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