Warmer Weather and the Return of Ants and Roaches

Not only does spring bring warmer days but sporadic heavy rains can also occur. Both the heat and moisture cause insect activity to increase and the chance of pests getting into your home increases too.

If you’re a current customer, we are always on the lookout for gaps and cracks that pests can use to gain entry and we seal them off.

If you don’t have Massey’s Pest Prevention, we recommend that you have an complimentary inspection to ensure that there are no gaps, cracks or any other unseen entry points for crawling pests to get into your home.

If you do come across any roaches, ants or other crawling pests save it in a zip-lock bag until the pest can be properly identified. Although it may seem icky and gross, it is important that the pest be identified so the proper measures can be taken to eliminate the pest from the home.

Even in the most protected home, there still is a chance for pests to get inside. Opening and closing doors, airing the home out for spring and outdoor fun can all be avenues for pests to come in the home.

If you see a crawling pest or have questions about our Pest Prevention program, contact us for a Free Inspection or call us at 1-888-2MASSEY for more information.