Massey Services Discovers New Ant Species Not Native to Florida

There are many different types of ants with very unique names in the state of Florida. They include the White-Footed Ant, the Ghost Ant, the Crazy Ant, the Pharaoh Ant, the Acrobat Ant and the Argentine Ant, just to name a few.Bob and Shawn

But just recently, a team member at Massey Services discovered a new species of ant that is not native to the state of Florida. Shawn Hole, a Pest Technician in our Fort Myers Service Center, discovered this ant while providing service to a customer’s home. Upon inspecting it and realizing he did not recognize what type of ant it was, he sent a photo to Bob Belmont, Massey’s Pest Prevention Technical & Training Director and Board Certified Entomologist, asking what type of ant he had discovered. Both agreed the ant species looked similar to black compact carpenter ants, but they wanted to receive a final confirmation.

Belmont contacted Dr. Mark Deyrup, Florida’s ant expert. Bob then asked Shawn to forward a sample of the ants to place in Massey’s specimen collection. When the ants arrived, Bob noticed characteristics on the ant that he had not seen before. At that point, specimens were sent to Dr. Deyrup, who confirmed the ant was new to Florida! After more research and verification from museums and curators, the ant was verified as Camponotus novogranadensis, an introduced species that ranges from Mexico to S. America, never before encountered in Florida.

This ant is common in areas of low vegetation and is an opportunistic cavity nester. It will build nests in live stems as well as dead branches of various sizes.

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