Deck The Halls With…Silverfish?

As soon as you start bringing boxes and decorations down from your attic you should be aware of some common “occasional” pests that can develop in or near these belongings. Warm attic temperatures here in the Southeast provide the perfect conditions for pests to harbor.

Here are some of the most common pests found in attics:

  • Silverfish which grow to about an inch in length and are silver in color. They have long antennae and antennal-like hairs on the opposite end as well. Silverfish like to eat the glue in cardboard boxes, the binding in books and glues on envelopes, stamps and papers. Silverfish can easily hide in the folds of a box and escape into the room once you bring down the boxes.
  • Cigarette beetles live inside boxes that contain potpourri and holiday ornaments made of painted cookies covered with sugar or sparkle. These beetles are small, about 2 mm, oval in shape and the color of semi-sweet chocolate.
  • Case making clothes moths have been encountered more frequently in the Southeast These clothes moths will fly into an open container or oriental carpet being stored in attics and garages to deposit eggs. The eggs develop into small caterpillars that eat any cloth material, then develop into adult months.

If you experience any of these pests, call us at 1-888-2MASSEY (262-7739) for an immediate response or sign up for a Free Pest Inspection.

We hope you have a happy holiday season!