Cockroaches and Disease

Cockroaches. Here in the Southeast, they are some of the largest pests I have ever seen. But did you know that aside from being very large bugs, they are also well known to transmit a variety of diseases?

Unlike many blood-feeding arthropods whose feeding behavior results in the direct transmission of pathogens to humans, cockroaches have the potential to transmit diseases mechanically via contamination of foods or utensils used to prepare food. This is done when a cockroach walks over a bacterial culture and then subsequently walks over either food or a utensil, passing on the bacteria as it goes.

Cockroaches have been most commonly implicated as carriers of Salmonella, a cause of food poisoning. This occurs when the feces of the American cockroach are infected with the bacteria and then spread on human foods and on glass. What’s worse, here are a few staggering facts on how long the bacteria survived:

  • Corn Flakes – 3.5 Years
  • Crackers – 4.25 Years
  • Glass Slides – 3.67 Years

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