Beware of Crazy Ants!

Be on the lookout – a recent report hit the news that crazy ants are spreading like “crazy” in Central Florida. In some cases, these ants are even known for shorting out electrical systems due to the high numbers of the ants that can cause arcing. And during the summer, a shorted electrical system caused by crazy ants  is about the last thing any of us want to deal with.

Crazy ants are agricultural and household pests found in most tropical and subtropical areas. They can be a pervasive pest indoors in temperate areas. They even have the ability to successfully survive in highly disturbed and artificial areas, including ships at sea.05crazy_enl

The crazy ant is thought to be of either Asian or African descent but has widespread populations from Florida to South Carolina and west to Texas. They are commonly found in residences and warehouses over much of the eastern United States and in California and Arizona.

The crazy ant is 2.2 – 3 mm long, with a slender body and long legs. The body color is dark brown to black.

The crazy ant derives its names from its erratic, jerky movement. They nest in both dry and moist environments, in trash, plants, rotten wood and soil. They also nest adjacent to foundations in landscape mulch and behind thick vegetation.

According to the University of Florida, modular units that were being used as temporary schoolrooms by a North Lauderdale elementary school in 1970 had a severe crazy ant infestation. The principal reported that the units were so inundated by the ant that students were constantly in a state of turmoil. The invasion reached such proportions that the students’ sack lunches were kept in closed plastic bags placed on tables, with each table leg sitting in a pan of water as a barrier to the ant.

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