New Homeowner

Between unpacking, finding a new dentist and getting everyone settled into their new routines, you’ve got plenty on your mind.

Thanks to your builder, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home and its contents are protected against damage from termites. During construction, your builder chose Massey Services to protect your home from termite damage. After the first year of owning your home, your Termite Protection is renewable on an annual basis. Backed by one of the best guarantees in the industry and supported by one of the largest companies in the business, you can rest assured knowing that:

  • We cover the cost of repairing any termite damage with an unlimited re-treatment and repair guarantee
  • We cover the structure AND contents of your home
  • We inspect your property every year, not just the first time you renew
  • We keep coming back, if a termite problem emerges, until it’s completely solved…at no cost to you
  • We allow you to transfer your termite protection when you sell your home

Thank you for being a Massey customer!

As you may know, your home builder partnered with Massey Services to provide special welcome services for you. Please refer to your Important Home Owner documents folder, included with your Termite Guarantee, for the offers available in your area. (If you haven’t yet received your Termite Guarantee, use the check box on this form and we’ll schedule delivery at a time that’s convenient for you!)

In addition to Termite Protection, Massey Services also offers Pest Prevention, GreenUP Landscape Service, Irrigation Maintenance and Mosquito Abatement.


Pest Prevention
An Environmentally Focused Solution

Pests are more than an annoyance. Many present a risk of health and quality of life. The bottom line is you don’t want pests in your new home.

At Massey Services, we know that traditional pest control – which is the routine application of pesticides in and around your home whether they’re needed or not – simply doesn’t work. What does work is Massey’ Pest Prevention.

Our preventive, environmentally focused approach assures that pests don’t get inside in your home in the first place. Massey Services’ Pest Prevention identifies and removes even the most stubborn pest challenges and then, through regular service, we keep pests out of your home. If pests return at any time, we’ll come back at no charge to eliminate the problem. Massey’s Pest Prevention is convenient, effective, affordable and environmentally responsible.

Here’s how our program works:

  • First, we perform a thorough, FREE pest inspection inside and outside your home
  • During the inspection, we identify any existing issues and build a customized program for your home
  • Then, to begin service, we eliminate any existing pest problems and seal your home
  • Finally, during our ongoing service we inspect and seal off any new entry points on every visit and make targeted pest prevention treatments to the outside of your home

It’s all done at your convenience so you don’t even have to be home at the time of service!  To find out how pests may be getting into your new home, just fill out the form to reserve a free inspection.


GreenUP Landscape Service
A Comprehensive Landscape Care Program

Since no two landscapes are alike, we start with a FREE Landscape Analysis to identify the specific conditions of your landscape and any existing problems. During the inspection, we prepare a detailed inspection report and graph. Then, we build a customized plan that’s designed to help keep your lawn and landscape looking its very best year-round.

Massey’s GreenUP Landscape Program tackles the root of the problems and ensures that your landscape stays healthy through winter, spring, summer and fall. Our comprehensive, agronomic approach includes:

  • Seasonal fertilization and nutrition
  • Preventative weed treatments
  • Targeted treatments for weeds, disease and insects
  • Annual core aeration
  • Annual soil pH testing
  • Written recommendations on mowing and pruning techniques to maintain optimal lawn and plant health

The result? A landscape you can be proud of any time of the year.   Learn how your lawn and landscape can be the envy of your new neighborhood. Reserve your FREE inspection using the form.

Massey’s Irrigation Maintenance Service
A Complete, Innovative and Unique Approach

If your irrigation system isn’t functioning properly, it could be costing you money, harming your landscape and wasting one of our most precious resources.

Massey’s Irrigation Maintenance solution goes far beyond changing sprinkler heads every so often. It’s about managing the entire system, and about planning and design. We employ all the latest techniques, equipment and technology to keep your irrigation system functioning just the way it should. Our Irrigation Maintenance Program Includes:

  • A FREE Water Management Audit to inspect all sprinkler heads zone by zone, your control box and settings, and to understand the conditions present in your landscape
  • A customized plan for any necessary irrigation repair to bring your system up to optimum working condition
  • Ongoing inspections of your irrigation system for leaks or failures on a zone-by-zone basis
  • Adjustments and cleaning of sprinkler heads
  • Setting the control box to water properly based on your landscape’s needs, seasonal weather patterns and local watering restrictions
  • Written recommendations on techniques and hardware that could save you a minimum of 30% in water usage
  • A 15% preferred customer discount on any future irrigation repairs

Our Irrigation Maintenance keeps your system operating at the optimum level year-round.  Use the form to reserve your free inspection and learn how properly functioning irrigation can save water and help keep your lawn healthy.


Massey’s Mosquito Abatement Program
A Targeted Solution

At best, mosquito bites can cause itchiness and unsightly bumps. At its worst, they can create allergic reactions and even lead to potentially dangerous diseases such as the West Nile Virus and Malaria. So it’s critical to reduce the mosquito population around your home.

Massey’s Mosquito Abatement Program is unlike most other mosquito control programs because we target mosquitoes where they live and breed. We start with a free inspection of your property. Then, we target areas where mosquitos tend to breed – dense vegetation, under patio decks and other areas with poor air circulation. We pay particular attention to stagnant water areas, which often attract hordes of mosquitoes.

  • We treat areas where there’s uncontrollable standing water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding
  • We provide a barrier of protection around your entire property
  • Then we inspect and treat monthly to minimize mosquito populations all year
  • We offer an Annual Programs and One-Time Treatments

With Massey on the job, mosquito populations are reduced so you can get back to enjoying your time outdoors. To learn how to protect your property from mosquitoes just reserve your FREE inspection using the form.