Sending Kids Back to School with Much-needed Supplies

During the month of July, Massey Services team members donated school supplies and/or cash through our popular Jeans Day Fundraisers for A Gift For Teaching (AGFT).

Donated supplies were dropped off last week and the team at AGFT could not have been more appreciative! We were able to donate over $100 in cash, in addition to 757 pencils, 205 pens, 100 folders, 24 boxes of crayons, 68 spiral notebooks and much, much more! We also received great news that, because of a grant the organization received, all donated funds are matched 100%, increasing our cash donation to over $200!! What a great way to kick off the new school year!

AGFT’s concept is simple: local businesses take unwanted office supplies or surplus merchandise that would otherwise get thrown away and donate it for distribution through the Free Stores for teachers. More than 8,673 teachers from Central Florida’s 324 public schools can then “shop” for free to make sure that  more than 155,051 students in our community have what they need to learn.

Click here for more information on how you can donate supplies to AGFT.