Musophobia – The Fear of…

What is Musophobia?

We all know there are hundreds of phobias that exist, some of them very strange. So what is musophobia? It is actually the fear of rats and mice! These creatures tend to fall to the bottom of the human “like” lists – even after spiders and snakes!musophobia
Despite the fact that humans spend tremendous amounts of time, effort and money attempting to eliminate rats and mice, you may be surprised to know that rodents have benefited humankind probably more than any other species of mammal.

Rats and mice are important ecologically. In the wild, they serve as an important food source for many animals such as hawks, owls, snakes, skunks, raccoons, dogs, cats, foxes and others. Rodents, in turn, feed on millions of insects in the wild, adding to the contributions made by other insectivorous mammals. In our homes and buildings, mice and rats eat various species of domestic cockroaches. They also serve as scavengers, feeding on and processing the various discards of nature, including human garbage.

Rodents in the History of Humankind

Rodents have long been entwined in the literature, mythology and history of musophobiahumankind. In children’s literature, rats and mice often come off with a favorable image. Just think about Templeton, the barn rat in Charlotte’s Web or Remy, the young rat in the French countryside in Ratatouille, or right here in Orlando, where the most famous mouse of all resides (aka Mickey Mouse)!

In Japan, the rat has the honor of having the first year of the Oriental zodiac named after it, and the rat is often associated with the God of Wealth. The rationale is that only the rich have excess food to maintain rodent infestations.

So while there are many interesting facts about rodents, we still know that no one wants to find one in their home. As the weather cools down, make sure your home is rodent-proof so they can’t make your home, their home.

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