Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

As we head into the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, we wanted to share some fun facts about March 17th and the Irish!

But first, we’d like to make mention of three very special students at Killarney Elementary School (appropriately, a very Irish name)!  Paul Giordano, Vice President of Massey’s PrevenTech Commercial Division, worked in partnership with the Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association by adopting Killarney and sponsoring a Math Miles contest.  This contest encouraged students to significantly improve their math scores in a specified amount of time.  The top 3 winners won 2 tickets each to see the Orlando Magic and sit in the Massey sky box!  Congrats to our winners!!

Paul Giordano with the Massey Math Miles winners

Now, onto some fun facts!  Did you know:

  • The New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade has taken place over 250 times
  • There are over 450 churches named for St. Patrick in the U.S.
  • 40 lbs of green dye is used to turn the Chicago River green each year
  • 39% of Americans say they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
  • 8 million Americans exchange St. Patrick’s Day cards annually
  • 650,000 babies have been named Patrick in America in the last 100 years

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!