Formosan Termites Found in Orlando Neighborhood

Just Monday night a Formosan termite swarm was discovered in a Southeast Orlando neighborhood. Receiving a friendly call from one of our own customers yesterday, our team of professionals hit the pavement and responded immediately to the Belle Air neighborhood near Curry Ford Road and S. Ferncreek Ave.

And what did we find? Formosan termite activity in at least five large trees within the community, with each colony of termites potentially having millions of workers and swarmers. (Click on the photo to the left for a closer look at the Formosan workers we found – they are small and white.)

Some facts on Formosan Termites (a.k.a. Super Termites):

  • Formosan termites are in the same family as subterranean termites, but they are more aggressive, have larger colonies and also attack live trees and plants (see damage to tree in photo at the right).
  • Because of the size of Formosan termite colonies and their aggressive nature, this type of termite can cause significant damage in a very short period of time.
  • The colonies of Formosan termites are often up to 10 times the typical size of native subterranean termites and they build nests above ground, which makes them one of the most difficult termites to control.

The Formosan termite is clearly the most destructive of all the termite species worldwide. It arrived in America from Taiwan during World War II when our warships returned to Louisiana, Texas and South Carolina. In 1995 it was discovered in a shipyard in Texas and soon after in Louisiana, where it is now particularly prevalent.

Formosan termites cause millions of dollars in damage to homes each year and continue to spread to new areas in the United States. Termite protection is very important for all structures in the Southeast – especially Florida. Need a free inspection? Just let us know!