Don’t Bring in Pests with Holiday Decorations

There is nothing I enjoy more than pulling out the holiday decorations at this time of year and decorating the inside and outside of my home. But as we begin to pull out the holiday decorations from closets, garages and attics, make sure that you’re not bringing pests into your home along with your decorations.

Here are a few tips to follow as you pull out your decorations:

  • Open your boxes outside before bringing anything indoors
  • Remove all the contents outside and inspect them for pests before putting them in and placing them around your home
  • If you find boxes with chewed openings, open them with caution – this could be a sign of rodent activity
  • When putting your decorations away, use tight sealing containers rather than cardboard boxes.  They’re more difficult for pests to gain access inside.

If you do discover a pest problem, make sure to schedule a free pest inspection so you don’t have any unwanted guests this holiday season!