Beware of Formosan Termites

As temperatures and humidity are on the rise in the Southeastern United States, Formosan termite colonies are actively growing in and around homes throughout our region. Formosan termite swarms occur seasonally, usually during the hot, humid summer months, and have plagued the Southeast for decades.

What makes Formosan termites dangerous is the fact that they are extremely aggressive and typically cause more damage than any other type of termite.

A Formosan termite swarm occurs when a mature colony sends out winged reproductives to mate and begin the establishment of a new colony.

According to Adam Jones, our Vice President and Director of Quality Assurance, “During a swarm, large numbers of winged termites take flight to start new colonies. This can happen outdoors where they may emerge from stumps, wood piles, mulch beds or even from parts of the house, such as wood siding, eave overhangs or wooden trim. Inside homes, they will emerge from small holes in the wall called ‘exit holes’ or natural openings, such as gaps in caulking around windows.”

A swarm usually lasts between 30-45 minutes as the winged termites try to escape to go on their mating flights. It is very chaotic, and the air is filled with fluttering termites, wings and the bodies of termites that have shed their wings trying to get to a safe area in the soil.

However, because of the brief time frame associated with swarms, most homeowners will actually discover the aftermath of a swarm. Termites swarm toward light sources so most likely are found on window sills or around sliding glass doors.

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