What To Do During A Freeze

You may have noticed that the temperatures in Florida have been dropping. Everyone is bundling up in their warmest light weight jackets and drinking hot cocoa to stay warm. A few layers and a hot beverage might be the answer to warming us up – but what about our lawns and plants? There are a few simple things you can do to help minimize the effects of the cold temperatures.

  • First, enjoy the cold! Think about temperatures in May, June, July, August, September…I think you get the idea.
  • Then, BEFORE freezing temps hit, run your sprinklers for 15 minutes per zone (rotor heads) or 5 minutes per zone (spray heads). Repeat this the following day  if temperatures warm up above freezing.
  • Cover your cold-sensitive shrubs and ornamentals with old sheets or blankets (NOT PLASTIC!).
  • If you see frost on your lawn – don’t mow or walk across it.

Just so you know, the weatherman IS predicting freezing temperatures tonight – so grab your ski cap, head outside and turn on those sprinklers!