What Can Aeration Do For Your Lawn? Helping Your Grass Eat And Breathe.


Aerate Your Lawn with Massey ServicesProper soil aeration is a critical element in producing a green and healthy lawn. And core aeration is one of the most environmentally beneficial things lawn care professionals can provide.

Core aeration is a non-chemical process that removes small plugs of turf and soil about the size of your thumb from the lawn. Removing these plugs allows oxygen, water and nutrients to reach the root zone. To put it simply, it allows your lawn to eat, drink and breathe. Oxygen is essential to healthy root growth because roots can’t absorb water or fertilizer without it.

And healthy roots help your lawn naturally withstand heat and drought, as well as pests, weeds and diseases. This means that you need fewer pesticides, less fertilizer and other products to supplement your lawn care. From an environmental standpoint, aeration also helps keep fertilizer from running off into our lakes, rivers and waterways.

Tips on Aerating Your LawnIf you would like to learn how you can have your lawn aerated, schedule a Free Inspection or call Massey’s GreenUP Landscape Services at 1-888-2MASSEY (262-7739).