Sprinklers in the Rain

Having grown up in Florida my entire life , when school starts there are a few things I know I can count on.

1. The leaves are not changing.

2. College football is going to start… FINALLY!

3. The rain will roll in sometime after 1PM and sometime before 7PM

The first two have been always been somewhat comforting constants for as long as I can remember. But the rain is so very consistently inconsistent. As soon as you think you’ve eluded mother nature she shows up just in time for your alfresco dinner date and you’re left soaked with your umbrella marooned with stray french fries and the spare tire.

But, our cloudy old inconvenient friend does have some undeniably great side affects. We’ve managed to come out of the worst drought in history, people’s landscapes aren’t coughing up dust clouds, and a little afternoon rain can do wonders for our friends from Seattle and London’s bouts of homesickness. Now that’s southern hospitality.

Now if only the rain could help soothe these troubled economic waters. Well maybe it can. One of the unambiguous positives that our rainy afternoons bring is the diminished necessity of irrigation. They can’t give mother nature tickets for watering on the wrong days. So it’s a great time to get that old irrigation system checked to make sure it’s firing on all cylinders. Or to make sure it is not watering in the rain, on the street, or the neighbors cat. There are so many other things you could be wasting your money on… like a really sweet new umbrella!