July is Smart Irrigation Month

Yesterday, I received an email from our friends at the Irrigation Association reminding us that July is Smart Irrigation Month. What a great way to build awareness about watering wisely!

Living in the Southeast for most of my life, I am used to hearing about water shortages and watering restrictions – especially over the last few years where we’ve had major droughts. Here in Orlando, we’ve been getting tons of rain for the last month and our water supply has rebounded nicely (but my golf game is suffering!).

So what does this mean for watering lawns?

  • Well for starters, you should adjust your irrigation schedule based on watering restrictions. Remember, just because it says you can water two days per week (in most areas), that doesn’t mean your landscape needs it.
  • Install a rain sensor so that watering frequency is adjusted to account for rainfall.  Both too much and too little water can cause problems in your landscape.
  • Check your sprinkler system often for proper coverage and to ensure all your sprinkler heads are working correctly (it will save you money and from having your neighbors mistake your landscape for the Geysers at Yosemite National Park).

To learn more about watering properly and Smart Irrigation Month, visit our Landscape FAQ section or check out the  resource page on the Irrigation Association Website.  And don’t forget to have your golf umbrellas handy over the next few months!