Look Out for Brown Patch

Cooler temperatures are here! Along with the chilly weather, you may start to see your landscape go through some changes as well.

Rain and cooler temperatures are ideal conditions for Brown Patch to pop up in your landscape and cause damage. Brown Patch is a fungus in the soil that lays dormant until the conditions are just right for it to flourish, with shaded areas that retain water being especially prone to the disease.

If you have Brown Patch damage, you will see circular patches of damaged turf with yellow, orange or purple grass blades on the outside border of the patch. The base of the blade of grass will be rotten and will slide out easily when pulled.

While Brown Patch is unpreventable, it is easy to treat with a corrective spot treatment. This will stop the spread of the disease and lawn re-growth should occur in a few weeks. Also, make sure you adjust your watering frequency – watering once per week in the cooler months is generally sufficient. Water in the early morning before 10 am so the water has a chance to reach root zones.

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