Freezing Temperatures Tonight!

I’m sure by now everyone has heard that the weather is calling for some very cold temperatures tonight throughout the Southeast. If you need tips on what to do for plants and your landscape during a freeze, click here. But what should you do if your plants or lawn become damaged?  NOTHING– right now, anyway.

The potential for freezing temperatures will be present for the next few months so replacing damaged or dead grass and shrubs at this time is not a good idea. However when Spring’s warm temperatures return, you’ll be able to see what plants and portions of the lawn definitely aren’t going to come back so you can begin to make decisions on renovation. You should also wait until Spring to prune dead branches. We’ve posted several tips from our lawn experts on what to do during and after a freeze, but feel free to give us a call with any questions!

For now, just keep your plants covered at night when freezing temperatures are imminent and make sure to monitor your irrigation so as to not ice over the landscape and cause freeze damage. And BUNDLE UP!!