Chinch Bugs: Small Insect, BIG PROBLEM

Chinch bugs are tiny, hard-to-see insects that are active in hot, dry weather and can cause big damage! There appearance is red (when young) or black in color (when mature) with a white “X” on their backs.

They can occur almost anywhere in a St. Augustine lawn, however, they are usually found in hot, dry locations along sidewalks or driveways.

Chinch bugs cause damage by sucking the juices from the grass blades and injecting toxins back into the blade that causes your grass to die.  Their damage first looks like drought stress (where the grass blades begin to wither), then the grass begins to turn yellow and finally brown.  If chinch bugs are left unattended and untreated, they will spread quickly throughout the lawn and cause large areas of damage that could have to be replaced.  Having a thick, healthy lawn is critical when combating chinch bugs or any lawn invaders because it allows the lawn to recover quicker from damage.