Brrr…Colder Temperatures And Lawns

It’s finally starting to feel like Fall in the Southeast. As the colder temperatures become more frequent, you should be aware of the effects on your lawn.

Why Does My Lawn Turn Brown and Yellow During The Fall and Winter?
As a homeowner, this can be very frustrating. You have a green, lush lawn and it begins to turn brown and yellow. Well, different grass types have different ways of surviving the Fall and Winter weather conditions.

Some grasses have natural “hibernation” periods that preserve energy for the spring. Zoysiagrass for example, will go dormant in the Fall and Winter months and turn yellow and brown. This is a normal reaction for this grass type under adverse conditions and loss of color is common.

St. Augustinegrass, on the other hand, usually maintains acceptable color and quality well into the cool season until frost occurs. A hard freeze often causes brown patchy areas.

Fall/Winter Lawn Tips:

  • Mow your lawn about once very two weeks, even if it’s not growing, to keep weeds from seeding
  • If a freeze occurs, avoid walking across the lawn and mowing until frost is melted
  • Provide adequate irrigation – watering once per week is generally sufficient

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