Are Sod Webworms Mowing Through Your Lawn?

Sod webworms are caterpillars that feed on grass.  They can be found in all grasses, especially St. Augustinegrass.  Sod webworms normally startFlorida as early as mid-June.  From a distance, their damage looks like the grass was scalped too close by the lawn mower.  Up close you will see notches along the sides of the grass blades where the caterpillar has chewed.  They can be difficult to see because they feed only at night and rest in a curled position on the soil surface during the day.  becoming a problem in

Mature sod webworms can cause quite a bit of damage before they develop into dingy brown moths. They can consume enough grass in a short period of time to cause homeowners to think that the damage has occurred “overnight.”

As adults, sod webworms are small moths that do not cause damage.  They tend to hide in shrubs and other sheltered areas during the day and fly low to the ground when disturbed.  Female moths lay clusters of white eggs at night. The eggs can hatch within 7 days and there can be many generations each year.  Grass can recover from sod webworm damage if properly fertilized,irrigated and maintained.

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