Why we provide Free Landscape Inspections

Landscape inspectionManaging all the things that landscapes need to remain healthy isn’t easy!

Crabgrass, chinch bugs, dollarweed, brown patch, white flies, sod webworms – these are just a few of things that could cause damage to your landscape.  Add in drought, excessive rain, shade, sun and moisture, and managing all the things that can affect the health and beauty of a landscape becomes complex.




We perform a landscape analysis before providing a quote

No two landscapes are alike and no two landscapes require the same Landscape Healthcare Plan.  That’s why before we develop a customized program or provide you with a price, we perform a detailed landscape analysis to understand exactly the type of care your landscape needs.

Our Landscape Analysis Includes a complete evaluation of:

  • Your lawn and shrub types
  • Sun and shade conditions
  • Soil pH levels
  • Any weeds, insects or disease present
  • Your irrigation system

Building a comprehensive program based on the facts

Once our landscape analysis is complete – we develop a customized program for YOUR landscape to ensure it remains healthy and beautiful.  Plus, with our landscape program, we’re on your property monthly to perform service AND inspect your landscape to make necessary adjustments to your program.