Mother’s Day

It might seem odd that I’m posting about Mother’s Day on Cinco de Mayo but, let’s face it, if you aren’t ready for Cinco de Mayo today, a blog post from me isn’t going to help. Now on to Moms…

Mother’s Day is a special day when you celebrate your mom and everything she’s done for you over the years. If your mom is anything like mine then that includes driving to dance lessons, soccer practice, watching plays, baking cakes for every holiday and every birthday and just plain being the person who can always pick you up when you’re a little down. If that’s not something to celebrate – I don’t know what is!

Mother’s Day gives us the chance to treat our moms to something special- a gift, a meal, whatever you think your mom would enjoy and probably wouldn’t do for herself. The older you get ,the “better” you can celebrate the day. I remember when I was little and my teachers would have us cut out construction paper cards for our moms. I’m not saying she didn’t appreciate the construction paper cards and the hard work that it took my little fingers to make them, but I think she liked the comforter set I got her last year much better.

In addition to gifts, in my family we always have a special meal. Now, cooking is NOT my area of expertise – I leave that up to someone else. I do, however, LOVE baking. Meaning, I usually end up bringing the dessert! And you know, on special occasions, you NEED desert! I’ve been wanting to make a coconut cake for quite some time and it seems that Mother’s Day is the perfect time to buckle down and make it. I found this delicious recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart and I just had to share!

No matter what you do this Sunday, I hope that everyone has a safe, happy and healthy Mother’s Day – from our family, to yours.