Happy Earth Day!

You may ask yourself, can a pest, termite and landscape company really be green?

The fact is, Massey Services has been dedicated to providing environmentally responsible services for over 25 years – long before it became politically and socially in vogue. Here are just a few enviromental-benefitsexamples:

  • We eliminated the indiscriminate spraying of pesticides in your home by creating Pest PREVENTION, an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional pest control.
  • We pioneered termite pre-construction and post-construction treatment programs that save up to 400 gallons of water per treatment.
  • Our landscape services include soil aeration – one of the most environmentally beneficial practices for a green, healthy landscape.  Soil aeration increases oxygen in the soil which enhances deep root growth, maximizes water absorption and reduces fertilizer runoff.

Massey Services has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Orange County (where Massey Services is headquartered) as an environmental steward.  We were the first company in our industry to be asked and to sponsor Earth Day in Central Florida.

You see, in all of our services, we’re dedicated to providing the best service and the best results, while minimizing our impact on the environment.  That dedication has consistently driven us to find new and better ways to serve our customers.  We are dedicated to developing and testing – and retesting – new ideas and products thoroughly for effectiveness and environmental benefit before they are ever passed on to our customers.  We owe it to our Team Members, our Customers and our Environment.