Halloween Frights

Scary SpiderFall is settling in and that can take on many meanings. Usually it’s cooler weather and crisper air (although Naples and South Florida probably won’t see temperatures below 80 this season).

But, in my opinion, the best part of Fall, no matter where you live is Halloween! Being a person in his mid 30’s, I get to take a step back in time and be a kid again. That’s because Halloween gives anyone an excuse to dress up and attend all the fun events designed to spook and scare us.

Funny part is, though, living here this time of year, getting a scare is as easy as a night trip down the hall in your home when you turn on the light and find a roach, spider or other creepy insect hanging out waiting for you. And, no, I don’t mean the plastic Halloween versions.

Personally, I’m used to this occurence, but when my friends and family come down from up North, it’s pretty clear they would prefer getting scared by a person in costume!

Take my uncle, for example, decked out in his usual day-glo track suit. He’s generally enough of a sight to elicit a good fright all on his own up North, but down here he’s known to come screaming like a banshee out of the bathroom at the slightest hint of a silverfish.

So for all the great things that Halloween and Fall bring – remember to watch out for those unexpected scares.

Trick or Treat and Happy Halloween!