Fall Has Officially Arrived

Fall is here and temperatures should begin to cool off. This is a welcome change for most and it’s also a great time to prepare your home and landscape for the cooler temperatures that are on the way.

  1. Keep leaf litter out of the gutters and away from your home – this provides shelter for several pests that can get into your home.
  2. Check for worn weather stripping, small tears in your screens and other small cracks – pests tend to migrate to warmer areas and your home provides the perfect shelter.
  3. Adjust your irrigation control box settings – landscapes typically require less water in the fall and winter. Overwatering can lead to several diseases and weeds.
  4. Reduce your mowing frequency – lawns grow slower in the cooler months and can be mowed less frequently. Remember to never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade when mowing.
  5. If you have a fireplace, don’t store firewood in contact with your home – this is a conducive condition that could allow termites to enter your home.

Fall can also be a busy time of year so don’t hesitate to contact a professional to help you protect your home and landscape.