Pest Prevention for Your Business

No two pest problems are alike
No two Pest Prevention Programs are either

commercial-2At Massey Services, we don’t utilize traditional one-size-fits-all pest control. We start with a thorough, no-obligation inspection of your facility—inside and out. Then we address any current or urgent issues.

Our Pest Prevention program – customized to your organization’s property structure, conditions and needs – our ongoing service focuses on eliminating and preventing pests by targeting where they live and breed.  Plus, we provide several specialty services to completely cover the needs of your business.

Specialty Services:

  • Bed Bug Elimination:  Massey’s proprietary Bed Bug solutions uses forced-air heaters to kill bed bugs at all stages of development – from egg to adult.
  • Rodent Control:  Our professionals have put together a powerful rodent program for mice, rats and bats along with a range of baiting, netting, trapping and removal options.
  • Flying Insect:  Our unique targeted program combines control measures, preventive applications and sanitation consultations.
  • Bird Control:  Have a nuisance bird situation? Our program incorporates effective control techniques and systems in a manner that is humane and environmentally responsible.
  • Drain Line Services:  A program designed to keep drain lines and grease traps clean using non-toxic microbes that reduce flying insect problems.
  • Odor Elimination:  Customized solutions for everything from lobbies to restrooms.