No Vacancy for Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Control with Massey

Don't let bed bugs take up residence in your hotel!

Bed bugs can get into ANY structure, so the potential for a 5 star luxury resort to have bed bugs is similar to that of an economy hotel. Why you may ask? Well… because unlike ant and roach populations, bed bug infestations are not impacted by the level of sanitation.

So how do bed bugs get in? They are almost always introduced by humans. So when guests arrive for a stay, they may be unintentionally bringing more than just their toothbrush and socks. They may also bring bed bugs that snuck in from a previous night’s hotel stay or their own homes.

Since there’s no known prevention for bed bugs, the most important step a hotel operator can take to manage bed bugs is to train their room staff. Teaching cleaning and maintenance personnel to look for early signs of bed bug activity is your best bet. Taking corrective action is much easier before the population becomes larger and more difficult to eliminate.

Inspections for Bed Bugs

Inspect For Bed Bugs

How to detect Bed Bugs:

Check these for dark spots and blood stains:
  • Mattresses
  • Sheets and Pillow Cases
  • Headboards and baseboards

Do’s and Don’ts when Bed bugs are spotted:

  • Tell a supervisor
  • Bag and seal all bedding
  • Secure the room
  • Remove bedding from the room
  • Make the bed
  • Remove any furniture

If you are concerned about the threat of bed bugs in your facility or would like more information on training your staff to spot bed bugs, call us at 1-888-2MASSEY (262-7739).