Massey’s Bed Bug Solution: Comprehensive, Effective and Discrete

Bed bugs can present a big challenge if not eliminated quickly and efficiently. Your reputation can be ruined by reports of bed bugs from disgruntled hotel guests or apartment residents.

Our Proprietary Solution Effectively Eliminates Bed Bugs

Bed BugMassey Services offers a proprietary Bed Bug Elimination Solution that effectively eliminates the entire population of bed bugs – from eggs to adults – in one efficient and effective treatment.

Through the use of forced air heaters, we slowly raise and then maintain the temperature in bed bug infested areas, ensuring complete elimination. Simultaneously, we treat room contents so bed bugs are eliminated anywhere they could possibly hide.

Massey’s Bed Bug Solution includes these powerful advantages:
  • Fast Turnaround: Rooms are off market for only 48 hours, not weeks with traditional treatment options.
  • Protects Room Contents: Treatment will not damage the contents in the infected room.
  • Discreet: Treatment is isolated to the room that is treated and will not affect or interfere with other guests or residents.
  • Effective: Remediation completely eliminates the entire population of bed bugs guaranteed!
  • Training:  We teach your employees how to identify signs of bed bugs and what to do if they’re found.